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“Piet” The donkey in light gray

“Piet” The donkey in light gray

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inner ears

Meet Piet, our organic cotton plush donkey! Donkeys are strong, resilient, intelligent, stubborn and just incredibly cute. When we had the idea of ​​offering cuddly toys, the little donkey was our first choice and has become something of a classic. For everyone who loves donkeys as much as we do. For the inner ears you can choose a fabric from our selection photo.

Our cuddly toys made of organic cotton plush with customizable inner ears are loving companions for small and large children. They are pacifiers, dangling toys and cuddly toys at the same time. They can be used as a pacifier by pulling the tail through the pacifier tab and simply tying it in place. This can prevent crying in the evening when looking for the "lost" pacifier! For everyone else it is a cuddly playmate.

What is typical for all of our animals is that they have two legs. This makes them different and adorable in a very cute way.

We dyed our organic cotton ribbon with a lot of care and love from plants: the yellow ribbon with turmeric, and the pink ribbon with avocado peels and seeds. It was very exciting to watch how beautiful colors are created from purely natural ingredients!

Material & Care

Main material: 100% cotton (organic).
Filling material: 100% polyester hollow fiber (Ökotex Standard 100 Class 1).
Inner ears, label and webbing: 100% cotton (organic).
Label & ribbon: 100% cotton (organic).

Sustainable care: symbols and recommendations
Hand wash recommended. Do not bleach. Machine dry gently. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
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Our cuddly toys are all handmade with love. Due to the individual production, each animal has its own personality and no two are alike.

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